The Blueberry Renaissance

“On Friday June 20, 2014, the city council of Chuathbaluk, Alaska unanimously approved resolution 2014-0424 and became the first Alaskan community to make self reliance and sustainable development the core […]

According to wikipedia “Sourdough likely originated in Ancient Egyptian times around 1500 BC and was likely the first form of leavening available to bakers. Sourdough remained the usual form of […]

Mrs Rosalyn E. Stowell I grew up in an area with no electricity, no running water and no phones. I still live in an area with no electricity, no running […]

Dash to the finish with epic headwinds... This is what the 1:30 am winds in Nome look like. See the live cam here:

When you head North out of Anchorage you pass through a deep valley between the Talkeetna Mountains and the Chugach Mountains. When you finally climb out of the canyon you […]

Radiation Reaches Alaska

The first Alaska Salmon to show effects of Fukyumama Radiation has been found in a local Grocery Seafood department. “Yea, it looks odd, but we tasted it and other than […]