I am fascinated by the Sun. Right now while millions are either cooking or eating Turkeys Sol is cooking and perhaps eating a Comet. ISON is a sungrazing Comet, not a Sundiver hopefully, that would severely fuck with the heads of a few astrophysicists and they would have some ‘splanin to do.

I have something I would like for them to ‘splain to me as a matter of fact. Wait for it to load….

Animation1There is a lot going on in several frames from SOHO that I think might bear closer inspection.

I am really hoping to get a good look at ISON as it makes it outbound journey, and I am also hoping that it is not the Mothership of Anubis swinging past the Sun to refuel and drop some velocity before entering into Earth orbit.

Next night Nov 29… ““Something” dramatic happened around perihelion … to not only fundamentally change the geometric shape of ISON’s “coma” [it’s now definitely “triangular” … (“tetrahedral?”)], but its trajectory as well; ISON is now following a significantly different, slower solar orbit away from the Sun than NASA calculated previously — as can easily be seen in these Enterprise Mission orbit plots of the official NASA data.

So far, NASA has made NO “official comment.”