Sarah Palin – A Lamb before the Wolves

Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin hit the Alaska Republican Party hard when she outed two of her fellows for misconduct. The Republican Old Guard took notice of her and saw that she was going to be another thorn in their side like JFK.

So they decided that sending her up as VP would open such a can of worms in her life that she would never survive the vetting by the Press. I’m sure that they were hoping that once the entire National Press Corps got finished with her she would slink off in disgrace never to lighten the inner workings of the Republican Party again.

And even if she does somehow manage to survive the press stories, both the real and manufactured, then at least they managed to divert attention from the other great Republican embarrassment, the trial of the longest sitting Republican Senator, our own dear Ted Stevens.
So it’s a win/win/win for the Republican Old Guard, if she survives and McCain gets elected then she gets sequestered away in the most ineffectual job in American Politics, the Vice Presidency. If he looses she returns to Alaska and hopefully the Vetting will sink her future ambitions.

But just imagine the ideal World for a moment. John McCain gets elected and Sarah does the VP thing for a few years till McCain either bites the bullet or 2012 rolls around and Sarah Palin becomes President of the US by landslide with Ray Metcalfe, who won the 2008 Alaska Senate seat after both Ted Stevens and Mark Begich were indicted and convicted, as her VP. Then in 2020 Ray Metcalfe takes the helm as the newly purged and squeaky clean Republican Party becomes the shining light for Democracy and Freedom that it was once intended to be. Sarah Palin will accept appointment to the Supreme Court after her two terms.