Pentagon Video Released

The Pentagon Video from the security camera has been released. it does nothing to dispell the accusations that a airplane did NOT hit the Pentagon, instead it shows, in one frame, a sleek, missile like nose cone low to the ground and then a bright, explosive like fireball. Not a black, soot filled jet fuel explosion.
This is the video from only one of many camera that viewed the area that morning. Where are the rest? What is there to hide that they do not want the American public viewing? With the trial of Mousaoui over there is no longer any valid reson to withold the videos from the hotel, gas station, Pentagon Security Cams (several more still unreleased).
No reason other than that to do so would cause the greatest overthrow of political power since the days of Imperial Rome!

Be informed and be free. The tyrants are not at the gate, they are the gate keepers.