Fikes crater

fikes-craterSo…I have always loved studying maps. and ever since 1965, when I heard we were going to move to Alaska I’ve loved looking at Alaska Maps. I also love space and all things related and couldn’t help but notice what looked to be a massive crater in Alaska.


When I overlaid a circle on the map it indicated an almost perfect arc, on a huge scale. “OMG, That’s a Crater Rim!” was my first impression, and it still is to this day, around 30 years later.

I think that the object, I’ll call it Fikes-1, was quite large, or quite massive and moving very fast in relation to the Earth. I found a program that would show a geographical cross section, and again, a crater jumped out at me!

I think the object, Fikes-1, came in from the North at a grazing angle, impacting at where Kodiak now sits (where you would expect to see a crustal rebound from a meteor strike) and stripped off whatever land or sea was where the North Pacific now sits.

It excavated a large part of the Earth’s crust, most of which came back down as fine dust over the next few thousand years. This would account for the Pacific Rim of Fire, the direction of the West coast of America’s crustal drift, and, and here’s perhaps the big one, the Permian extinction Event 252 million years ago.

Blow are Magnetic Anomaly maps of the region in question.



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