Camo 50 Ford test

A couple test animations because someone made a comment about making gifs and another thread had something about camo water dips…played with the two ideas. The second image is about […]

I had a nice conversation with some Army buddies last night, most of us have never met, we just shared the same Post in South Korea, usually at different times […]


I am fascinated by the Sun. Right now while millions are either cooking or eating Turkeys Sol is cooking and perhaps eating a Comet. ISON is a sungrazing Comet, not […]

Why is Mimi Rothschild trying so hard to pin all her bad press on Helen Hegener and Heather Idoni? The facts: Mimi Rothschild, Howard Mandel and Learning by Grace, Inc. […]

“BP Buys Google and Yahoo Search Terms, Including ‘Oil Spill’” “BP Imposes NO Fly Zone over the Gulf”  “BP brings in Temp Workers to fill the ranks during Obama Visit” […]

They already owned you. Now they have made debt slaves of your Children. Next year they will own your Grandchildren. Along with the loss of freedom goes a loss of […]