Bush Bones in the closet

Ronald Reagan’s would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr is the son of one of George H.W. Bush’s better supporters in his campaign against Reagan; the Hinckleys’ Vanderbilt Energy was threatened with a $2-million fine the morning of the assassination attempt; Scott Hinckley and Neil Bush had a dinner appointment for the next day.

George H. W. Bush and bin Ladens were at a Carlyle Group meeting in a DC hotel the morning of 9/11. George Bush’s private plane landed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the morning of 9/11. While private flights were grounded after 9/11, permission was granted to fly several bin Ladens to a gathering location. They left the U.S. before air traffic resumed. In total, four planes were allowed to leave the U.S. with Saudi citizens when the American airspace was closed.
George W. Bush and Salem bin Laden were coinvestors/business partners in Bush’s Arbusto Energy.

Be informed and be free. The tyrants are not at the gate, they are the gate keepers.