It is my opinion that the greatest thing that could be done to further the preservation of Society is to remove the dynastic powers that continue to profit from the waging of war.

Our current leadership is part of what I can only describe as an American continuation of the European Royal Families, extending favor and power to those within the common Familial groups.The primary American families can be easily identified by researching the membership rolls of the Yale University Skull and Bones Society.

Members of that secret society have included the man that headed the Manhatten project, most of the CIA directors and many of their “agents”, political appointments have gone to Bonesmen since the 1830’s including Supreme Court Judges, Ambassidors, Government Security positions, etc.

The current Bush administration has appointed at least 11 members of this secret society, ensuring that power and wealth is maintained within a small group of priviledged Families.

The Cheney Family engages in the the Oil Industry and the Prison Industry, The Bush Family engages in Politics, Security, Banking and Oil, The Weyerhouser Family controls vast tracts of American forest lands, the Brown Family controls an amazing spectrum of ventures as do almost all of the “Royal Bloodline” families that can be identified as having Skull and Bones members.

Breaking the chain of war, oil, drugs, natural resources, food manufactoring and distribution, education, incarceration etc. that these select few individuals control would stop the cycle of war/fear/response that their Hegelian guiding princples have maintained for at least the last 170 plus years in America.

Just as the European Royal families forbade marrage outside of Royal Bloodlines to keep the power and wealth confined (See King George/Wallis Simpson) the American Royal families confine business dealings, political appointments and almost every major monitary transaction to the select few within their group.

It is time for a revolution the scope of which would pale all the Worlds revolutions from history past. It is time for the American People to remove the elite from power and redistribute their wealth.

Now all we need to do is figure out how.I believe that the place to start is to properly identify those media concerns (Time-Warner, Fox News, Cowles Communications etc) financial concerns (The World Bank, Chase, New York Trust etc.), natural resources (Weyerhouser, ALCOA etc.) and manufacturing concerns (Boeing, US Steel, etc.) and the Political positions held (President, Ambasadors, etc.) by these Families and selectivly cause their bankruptacy, removal from power, indictment for crimes and what ever it might take short of armed rebellion to ensure their power is negated.

Be informed and be free. The tyrants are not at the gate, they are the gate keepers.